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The importance of a Marijuana Card

Apr 13

In states where marijuana is legal for recreational use, a medical marijuana card could be a significant benefit. It may not be known, but 15 states have legalized adult-use cannabis. Patients are now not eligible to receive their cannabis cards. Patients can buy more cannabis and pay less than those over 21 who have valid IDs that show they are 21 or older. There are some restrictions.

Minimal costs

Medical marijuana can be a cheaper alternative to prescription drugs, and it is also more effective than long-term. Medical marijuana can be purchased from recreational outlets and ordered through Leafly, which has been proven to be cheaper for patients. Taxes can make prices higher.

Many states offer tax incentives to medical marijuana patients. While medical cardholders might pay as low as 15%, the price does include sales tax. Customers who are not medical card holders will be charged between 37 and 45 percent.

Higher Possession, purchase and cultivation limits.

California medical marijuana patients have greater access to cannabis than California recreational users. MMJ card holders can purchase up to 8 ounces of medical-grade marijuana per person, while recreational users can only buy 1 ounce. This privilege comes with some responsibilities. They (or anyone else) have no other choice than to smoke bud at home. Before you smoke bud at home, find out what your state allows.

Some states have different requirements for medical and recreational marijuana users. For example, Colorado allows medical marijuana patients to grow only three plants at once. However, they can grow up six plants total, three mature and three immature. It is legal in certain areas of America like California, however, where marijuana use remains controversial.

Lower Age Restrictions

It is illegal to possess or use recreational marijuana in any state. However, some patients with a prescription can get exceptions. Young patients can legally get medical marijuana if they follow the state's guidelines. Each state has its own eligibility rules.

Traveling out of the state is easier.

With an out-of state card, people travel to states that allow them to obtain medical cannabis. This card is helpful for people who travel with medical marijuana or need extra security in an emergency.


There are currently 15 states that have legalized marijuana for adults. These laws were in effect as early as 2020. Although many people don't need cannabis for medical reasons, they may still wish to have it. However, marijuana card holders are missing out on many great benefits like lower prices and the ability to buy more cannabis than those without a card.

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