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7 Best Methods for Storing Marijuana at Home

Jan 20

There are storage instructions supplied with cannabis products so that their potency can be maximized and their premature expiration delayed. Despite the fact that light, air, and moisture can negatively impact the quality of cannabis flowers, they technically have no expiration date. Without proper storage and preservation, Boulder's dry climate may easily transform cannabis into swag if not properly maintained and conserved.

Recommendations When Learning to Store Cannabis

Here are some recommendations for storing marijuana so that it is always available for smoking wherever you are.

1. Never Bring Buds Near Plastic

Trichomes, the hairs between the buds of high-quality cannabis, can be destroyed by the static charge of plastic containers. Additionally, your flower may be crushed, altered in flavor, and drained of aromas.

2. Utilize Parchment Paper for Protection

If plastic storage containers are your only alternative, you can lessen the risk by wrapping your cannabis in paper or a napkin before placing it in the container. On a regular basis, cannabis extracts are stored on parchment paper. If you keep your bloom there, you will also have a ready-made surface for handling it afterwards.

3. Store Cannabis In An Airtight Container

Nothing can enter or exit a glass container until it is reopened. Glass is also odorless, so unlike metal, it will not alter the flavor of your cannabis. Mason jars are a popular alternative because they are readily available and have a nice appearance.

4. Ensure That Your Glass Jar is the Correct Size

While selecting cannabis, consider how much you will place in the jar. Using a large container for a small amount of cannabis will trap a great deal of oxygen with the plant. Try to balance the amount with the size. Alternately, jars can be vacuum-sealed using canning tools.

5. Keep Marijuana in a Cool, Dark Environment

Light is the only thing that rapidly degrades cannabis. You must store your cannabis in a cupboard or drawer away from direct sunlight, unless you have a transparent glass jar with an anti-UV coating. Keep the temperature of your jar at or below 70 degrees Fahrenheit.

Separate it from heat-generating appliances, such as electronics. Your jar may "sweat" if the temperature is too high, which increases the likelihood that mold may form on your flowers.

6. Observe the Relative Humidity

If you live in Denver, you should monitor this situation. Mold and mildew may grow on your bloom if it receives an excessive amount of moisture. Nevertheless, if it becomes very dry, the trichomes risk shattering. Try to maintain 59% to 63% relative humidity (RH) with your cannabis. Here, Boveda packs can be advantageous.

7. Separately Store Different Strains

If you have multiple strains, place each in its own container. Each cannabis variety has its own cannabinoid profile and terpene-derived flavor. Because the ash and resin from burned cannabis can affect the aroma, smoking equipment and fresh flowers should not be kept in the same container.

How Long Would Your Cannabis Remain Effective?

Properly kept cannabis can maintain its strength and flavor for up to one year.

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