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Cannabis Strains and How they are Named

Mar 9

Cannabis flower strain names are often given based on how they seem, where they were found, or the results they generate. Yet, who comes up with these names? And from whence do they originate? We'll examine the background and genesis of cannabis strain names in this article.

How Do Cannabis Strain Names Come About?

First-time customers at a dispensary can be intimidated by the menu. It could be challenging to understand some of the weird names of the many cannabis strains due to their diversity. It seems sense if, for instance, the budtender says, "Sour Diesel tastes amazing," that you may raise an eyebrow. Thankfully, the narrative of how we arrived here is intriguing and offers details on the biology and past of the plant.

Similar to human names, some strain names stand out entirely as a result of the breeders' emotional ties to them, while others are passed down from forebears. Alternatively, breeders are not required to adhere to any scientific standards.

The names of the majority of cannabis strains are influenced by a number of factors, such as the strains' anticipated health advantages, their origin, their distinctive scents, their mixed genetic background, or even just the breeder's whim.

Some strain names are just an overview of their genetic lineage. The parent strain names are often mixed. Frost often carries the taste Key Lime Mintz, which is a great example of this. It is derived from the strains SinMint Cookies and Blue Lime Pie. Hence … Mintz in Key Lime

Can Its Name Indicate What It Is Like?

Even though strain names are often created by genetics, these names typically represent the effects or flavor of the strain. Two well-known individuals in the cannabis sector are Willie Nelson and Jack Herer, and among the fragrant strains with names are Skunk, Lavender, and Diesel.

The two strains that are known for their effects are the cerebral sativas and the indicas that keep you on the couch (like Granddaddy Purple) (like Green Crack). These titles often make reference to the strength or severity of the effects.

Additionally, some breeders prefer to give their strain names local meanings. For instance, you could find SFV OG or Valley OG on a dispensary menu since many OG Kush strains originate in California's San Fernando Valley. Additional illustrations include of Blue Dream, Tahoe OG, and NYC Diesel (a reference to the state flower of Colorado).

The next time you're browsing a menu of cannabis varieties, try to keep all of this in mind and consider where the names of the different cannabis strains originated. It could help you understand what to anticipate from the bud.

Cannabis Plant Genetics

Some people think that a marijuana variety name has to be related to a significant gene in order to have any relevance. Not every novel hybrid will appeal to all patients, and as a result, not every moniker will become well-known in the rapidly growing vocabulary of cannabis expertise. The distinguishing characteristics of a strain, such as Sour Diesel's powerful lemon-fuel flavor and fragrance, which lives up to its name and offers a memorable experience, are what make them stand out from the crowd. The Sour Diesel strain sprang to prominence as one of the most sought-after cannabis strains on the globe when its pleasant side effects and euphoric high were combined.

The Promotion of Marijuana Strain Names

Of course, the naming of strains has also been influenced by marketing. Now that marijuana is legal worldwide, this statement is even more accurate. An expensive item may make a great strain name. Cannabis customers may be drawn to it, and certain strains may even be protected by trademarks to prevent unauthorized use.

The Gorilla Glue strain created by GG Strains is one example. When other businesses attempted to utilize the name for their own products, the firm launched litigation against them.

Final Thoughts

Cannabis plant names reveal a lengthy and complicated past. While some names are rather straightforward, others could be extremely complex. It could be challenging to comprehend a cannabis strain name since there are so many distinct factors at play. However, with a little investigation, you can often learn a lot about a certain strain just by looking it up online. The next time a strain's name on a dispensary menu catches your eye and you want to learn more, take some time to do some research on it. You may be surprised by what you discover.

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